About Chance Studios

Chance Studios designs, manufactures and sources premium unisex apparel and wardrobe essentials. We strive to provide clothing products that are influenced by time not seasons and innovative design not fashion. 

The Story So Far: From fashion critique to fashion curator.

Originally founded as an online blog and media publication in 2013 and dedicated to documenting an evolving subculture of streetwear, Chance Studios gained a loyal following on Instagram and Tumblr. 

As big fans of streetwear, a view we shared with our followers was the constant disappointment with the lack of affordable options that did not compromise on quality and style. It was during this time that we noticed a potential to make threads for ourselves that not only look good and feel good but were also affordable.

As such, In 2015 the publication began entertaining the idea of launching its own brand and store. In the second half of 2016 Chance Studios launched its first major collection titled "Back to Basics". This collection featured minimalistic t-shirts, outerwear, shorts and bags. This collection is the backbone of the brand and is designed to compliment our other items.

What's Next: A big year ahead.

Going forward we have three areas of focus; mens collection, womens collection and weekly limited edition items. We are working hard to bring a second major mens collection that will be more daring than the last along with the introduction with a womens collection. While you wait for these collections we will be providing weekly limited edition items.

Join The Team:

We are constantly looking for talented designers, photographers and influencers to collaborate with. If you would like to work with us feel free to contact us via the social media below. 

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Last Updated: 2 August 2017.